Recycling Programs in Nova Scotia

Let's Recycle

Nova Scotia runs different programs and initiatives such as the Electronic Waste Recycling Program, the Milk Container Recycling Program, Derelict Vehicle, Used Motor Oil, and Safe Sharps Program, among others.

The Electronic Waste Recycling Program, for example, covers items such as notebooks, laptops, desktops, televisions, faxes, printers, scanners, and other devices. Under the Safe Sharps Bring Back Program, consumers are free to bring lancets, syringes, and needles for safe disposal. The Used Motor Oil Program allows residents of Nova Scotia to return used motor oil to their local service station. There are other recycling programs that focus on milk packaging, used tires, paint, and expired medications. The Medication Disposal Program is run by the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia and focuses on pharmaceutical waste and its safe disposal. Other programs focus on newspapers, mattresses, wheelchairs, and other items.